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Beautiful Dark Pearl in Oyster Half Shell

The Pearl Company takes pride in ensuring whichever pearl type you decide on, you are sure that the pearls you receive are guaranteed by us as genuine, authentic, and of the highest quality.


We source our pearls from farmers and suppliers that provide us consistently the best pearls.  This is a practice we believe in and have done for many years, and will adhere to in the future.  We want our customers to receive the finest pearls available, for the best price. 


We work hard to ensure that the pearls we choose perfectly complement each design to allow you as the customer to acquire a beautiful piece of pearl jewellery to treasure for years to come. From South Sea Pearls from Australia to Akoya Pearls from Japan and Freshwater Pearls from China we travel the world to source the finest pearls for our customers.


Pearls are sorted and graded according to the five pearl virtues:







Flawless pearls are exceptionally rare, and the quality and value is highly influenced by the number and size of the imperfections.  At The Pearl company we always strive to find the best balance between quality and price, and ensure our customers from around the world get the best value for money with every product we sell.

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